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Entering and editing data in a datasheet - Exercise
Create a table
Objective: Create a table using the Datasheet view and add data.
Exercise Scoring
You will receive 5 points for this exercise. The exercise is auto-scored, which means all you need to do to receive full credit for the exercise is click the Submit button.
Use the information you learned in the previous two lessons to create a table in the Consulting database called Projects.
You should:
  1. Use the Datasheet view to create the table.
  2. Enter one record worth of data (you will import the rest of the data for the table later in this module).
  3. Save the table with the name Projects.
  4. Do not let Access create a primary key for you.

Client Project Description Start Date Due Date
Network Consultants, Inc. General Marketing Brochure 6/1/2011 6/21/2011